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How it works

How it works

How it works

Build your allied health team

Get the most from your therapy budget by teaming up with an allied health professional and an allied health assistant.

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What is the role of an allied health assistant?

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  • Making informed choices in their care and services
  • Collaboration with care team to set goals
  • Escalation of concerns when care and services are not in line with consumer goals
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Allied health professional

  • For example, a speech pathologist, physiotherapist, OT etc.
  • Accountability for diagnoses and overall care and treatment plans
  • Delegating parts of the treatment plan to allied health assistants, family members and disability support workers where appropriate

Allied health assistant

  • Carrying out the tasks delegated to them by an allied health professional
  • Actively collaborating with their client’s care teams
  • Communicate concerns regarding delegated tasks and seek clarification when required

Make your therapy budget go further

Using an allied health assistant means users typically get 2-3x more therapy hours for a given budget

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Blessy Thomas
Blessy Thomas
25. November, 2021.
I appreciate the opportunity and have thoroughly enjoyed working for Ally Assist for the last 1.5 years as a Physiotherapy Assistant. It has been a worthwhile experience working with various clients and I have developed not only my work-specific skills but my communication and professional skills which I will go on to use in my career. I would recommend all allied health students to consider this as it is a great opportunity to gain experience while you’re still studying!
Jess Anstee
Jess Anstee
18. November, 2021.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work as a therapy assistant for over a year, I have thoroughly enjoyed working in this role and appreciate all the opportunities you have given me. Transitioning from a student to a new graduate is a challenging step that I was very worried about. Ally Assist supported me through this transition by finding a new graduate position through the Ally Assist Employment Program. I could not of done it without your help and experience I have gained through working as a Therapy Assistant! I am more than grateful for the support and encouragement you have given me in pursuing my professional career and personal growth.
11. November, 2021.
I worked with Ally Assist as a therapy assistant for over two years while completing my studies at university. I felt really well supported by Ally Assist throughout my time working with them and enjoyed the opportunity I had to work with my client and build experience to complement my studies.
Helena Ang
Helena Ang
3. November, 2021.
Ally Assist has provided really wonderful opportunities for allied health and physiotherapy students like myself to be connected with paediatric and adult clients. I have been able to work alongside a paediatric client for their rehabilitation, and this wouldn't have been possible without the connection through Ally Assist. The team has been really supportive and the platform is very user friendly, with many options of clients to be connected with. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to develop invaluable skills and grow in my physiotherapy career!
Michelle J
Michelle J
11. October, 2021.
Ally Assist has been a really supportive platform, allowing allied health students like me to gain first-hand experience in working with clients to achieve their functional goals. I've thoroughly enjoyed working as a therapy assistant at Ally Assist, it's been a wonderful experience that's allowed me to learn and grow as an aspiring allied health professional.
Mark and Helen Fisher
Mark and Helen Fisher
27. September, 2021.
We have used Ally Assist for AHA (Physio) and have been extremely satisfied. The organisation is very professional and our lovely AHA personalises his support directly to our son's specific needs. Thank you Joel (AHA)!
2. June, 2021.
Ally Assist has been a fantastic company to work for as an occupational therapy student. They provided me with the opportunity to gain clinical experience and skills in paediatrics with the flexibility required with university. Their online system was really easy to use- and even though the company is based online they constantly checked in and were available to chat to if I ever needed support. I highly recommend them as an employer for any students that would like to gain some hands on experience with choice and flexibility over hours. For families and support coordinators, I also recommend Ally Assist for the flexibility and choice with the ability to match your client with a therapy assistant that suits you (e.g. hours, interests, experience).
Jacob Poole
Jacob Poole
15. March, 2021.
Ally Assist is a company striving to help their clients working with therapists from external organisations. The workers are friendly and are there to help the clients to the best of their ability, providing home visits, community orientated sessions and also telehealth.
Ansley Landsman
Ansley Landsman
13. January, 2021.
I worked as a Therapy Assistant (Physiotherapy) during my last year as a Physiotherapy student. I absolutely LOVED working with my clients as well as the Ally Assist staff. The Ally Assist staff were always happy to answer any questions. They are very organised and pair you with clients that are in your area of interest. I recommend this company to my colleagues all the time! I am so pleased I chose Ally Assist as a casual job during my last year of school as it gave me the opportunity to gain more experience. If you are a student in Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, or Physiotherapy, please consider applying! It is a fantastic company and you will gain experience outside of uni/placements!! Cannot recommend this company enough to both students looking to gain outside experience as well as potential clients who feel they may benefit!! :)
Jessica L
Jessica L
11. January, 2021.
I have enjoyed my time working with Ally Assist as a therapy assistant. The administrative team was available when needed, and I have felt well supported especially during challenging client situations. The team is always looking for ways to improve their practice which is great to see in a growing organisation. I am very grateful for the experiences I have gained from working with them.

How people are using Ally Assist

Allied health assistant helping elderly man with walking in path way at home garden for relaxant or rehabilitation physiotherapy


Allied health assistant speech therapy concept. Young boy with autism correct pronunciation with a female speech therapy assistant.

Speech Pathology

Toddler girl in child occupational therapy session doing sensory playful exercises with her occupational therapy assistant.

Occupational Therapy

allied health assistant holds with his hands the head of a child with multiple disabilities, tetraplegia, during an aquatic therapy session in a swimming pool.


Public Transport Training

Emotional Regulation

Morning Routines

Allied health assistant helps child on the autism spectrum at school

School Readiness

How does the process work?

Step 1: Create an account and fill out a short form

Begin by creating an account and answering some simple questions about yourself or the person seeking assistance.

Create an account

Step 2: Meet & Greet with an allied health assistant

You’ll be alerted about the allied health assistants that apply to work with you via email or SMS. Pick somebody you think you might like and have a 100% free, no-obligation Meet & Greet.

Learn more about the Meet & Greet
Allied health professional teaching allied health assistant to work with two young boys

Step 3: Have a Team Meeting with your new allied health assistant and your allied health professional

Once you’ve found an allied health assistant, introduce them to your allied health professional so that they can learn about your therapy plan and get started safely.

Learn more about the Team Meeting

Step 4: Regular sessions

Organise sessions going forward with your allied health assistant directly. Depending on how your funding is managed, you will receive fortnightly invoices from us.

Frequently asked questions

What is Ally Assist?2022-02-18T11:13:12+11:00

Ally Assist is a service for NDIS participants who are seeking additional support alongside their Allied Health Professional (AHP) through a therapy assistant (TA). We aim to find a suitable therapy assistant based on location, availability and experience level.

How do I get started with Ally Assist?2022-02-18T11:13:13+11:00

To start your Ally Assist journey, you will need to sign up and create an account, agree to our Terms of Use and fill out a New User Form which will ask you questions about the person seeking therapy assistance. 

Please make sure you provide as much relevant information as possible as this will assist us in finding a suitable therapy assistant for you. If have you have any questions, please email or give us a call on 1800 921 422. 

What is the difference between a therapy assistant and an Allied Health Professional (AHP)?2022-02-18T11:13:14+11:00

An AHP is a qualified professional that has completed their training and is a certified practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) or their relevant professional peak body. They often have specialist knowledge within their domain.

Most often, our therapy assistants are not qualified therapists. They are either:

  • studying or working towards becoming a qualified therapist (AHP).
  • an allied health graduate that has completed their training but are not yet registered with AHPRA or their relevant peak body.
  • a graduate of a cert IV in allied health assistance (AHA).

A therapy assistant does not replace the role of a qualified therapist in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment or management of an individual.

What is a therapy assistant?2022-02-18T11:13:13+11:00

A therapy assistant’s role is to help you build your capacity and increase your independence. They do this by:

  • Helping you to implement your therapy plan and strategies created by your allied health professional (AHP).
  • Seeing you in-between your appointments with allied health professionals.
  • Helping you practice and reinforce what you’ve learned with your allied health professionals.

Important note: A therapy assistant does not replace your allied health professional. They must work together and will require regular check-ins every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure strategies are up-to-date to best support you.

Am I eligible to use a therapy assistant?2022-02-18T11:13:13+11:00

In order to be linked with an Ally Assist therapy assistant:

  • You need to have an ongoing relationship with an Allied Health Professional (AHP).
  • Your AHP must be willing to provide a handover to the selected therapy assistant and provide support and guidance every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure the therapy plan is up-to-date.
  • If the person seeking assistance isn’t able to create and manage their account (to organise bookings, cancellations etc.), a family member, primary carer, support coordinator or AHP can do so on their behalf. 
What information do I need to provide?2022-02-18T11:13:13+11:00

To ensure that we can find a therapy assistant that is suitable for you, we will ask you to provide your therapy goals, your Allied Health Professionals’s details, your location, your availability and any other preferences for therapy assistance. We also ask if there are any challenging behaviours that a therapy assistant needs to be aware of in order to best support you during sessions.

The Ally Assist account creator will be required to agree to our Terms of Use before we can finalise the application and start the search for a suitable therapy assistant. 

Is Ally Assist registered with the NDIS?2022-02-18T11:13:13+11:00

Yes, Ally Assist is a registered NDIS provider.

Does Ally Assist screen and verify their therapy assistants?2022-02-18T11:13:15+11:00

We screen applicants based on their previous experience, performance during a phone interview and reference checks.

All our therapy assistants undergo the following checks:

  • Proof of identity check
  • Working with Children’s Check
  • National Police Check
  • Disability Workers Exclusion List check
  • NDIS Clearance
  • Phone interview
  • Professional Reference checks
  • Fully vaccinated from COVID-19

Upon being verified and prior to beginning employment, therapy assistants also complete:

  • OH&S Safety Module
  • NDIS Quality, Safety and You Module
  • Infection Control Training

All therapy assistants Working with Children’s Checks can be made available upon request and therapy assistants are encouraged to have a physical copy of these checks with them at all times when working in the community.

What are the pricing rates?2022-02-18T11:13:18+11:00

To view our rates and frequently asked questions, please check out our Pricing Page

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us on 1800 921 422.

How often will I be invoiced?2022-02-18T11:13:18+11:00

Invoicing occurs fortnightly. 

If you are paying for the service privately, or if your NDIS funding is self or plan-managed, you will be emailed an invoice that can be paid via direct bank transfer or PayID. 

Participants with agency-managed NDIS funding can request to have their invoices sent to them.

Therapy assistants are not involved in the invoicing process. For any questions or concerns with payments or invoicing, please email

How do I book a meet and greet with a therapy assistant?2022-02-18T11:13:19+11:00

The creator of the Ally Assist account can book a meet and greet with a therapy assistant by: 

  • Logging into your Ally Assist account.
  • The therapy assistant’s application will appear on your dashboard.
    • You will be able to view their degree, experience and availability for sessions.
    • Applications expire after 6 days.
  • If you feel the therapy assistant is suitable, you can “accept” their application and book a meet and greet online. 
    • You and the therapy assistant will be sent a calendar invitation to confirm this meet and greet. 
    • If the times provided for a meet and greet are not suitable, please email us at or call us on 1800 921 422.
  • If you feel the therapy assistant is not suitable, please “decline” their application as it will allow them to pursue work with other clients.
Can I meet with more than one therapy assistant if there are multiple applications?2022-02-18T11:13:19+11:00

You can meet with more than one therapy assistant. However, given the high demand from families for therapy assistants, you will only be able to organise one meet and greet at a time. 

We found that allowing clients to book multiple Meet and Greets slows down the matching process significantly for other clients and families in need.

Rest assured though, you don’t need to feel pressured in your choice. If the first therapy assistant chosen is not quite right for you after the meet and greet, we can reach out to another applicant and organise a meeting if they are still available. If the other applicants are not suitable, we will continue the search and allow more therapy assistants to apply.

How many therapy assistants can I work with?2022-02-18T11:13:20+11:00

There is no limit on how many therapy assistants you can work with, as long as each of them are involved in a Team Meeting with you and your allied health professional. 

If you require several hours of therapy on multiple days per week and a single therapy assistant is not available to fulfil those shifts, we will be able to search for additional therapy assistants to join your team to ensure you receive the required amount of sessions.

If you have limited funding or you only want a few hours of therapy a week, we would recommend one therapy assistant at a time.

What happens during the Meet and Greet (M&G)?2022-02-18T11:13:20+11:00

During the meet and greet, both parties should discuss as much as possible to ensure they will be a suitable fit. Topics to cover should include availability, expectations, experience and ongoing sessions.

Please refer to our meet and greet guide for more information about what happens and what should be discussed. 

How often does my therapy assistant need to speak with my Allied Health Professional (AHP)?2022-02-18T11:13:21+11:00

This is decided at the Team Meeting. Everybody has different needs, so the frequency of check-ins between an AHP and the therapy assistant will vary. We do recommend check-ins to occur every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure the therapy assistant is supported, guided and has the most up-to-date therapy plan on how to best support the person requiring assistance. 

Question not answered here? Check out our full knowledge base here

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